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Agile Coaches Mentoring Program - For Practicing

and Aspiring Agile Coaches.


The Agile Coaches Mentoring and Coaching program is a comprehensive twelve-week program designed for aspiring Agile coaches and highly experienced leaders looking to build their practical coaching competencies or pivot into Agile Coaching as their next big-rock on the career ladder. This is an excellent investment for those who are passionate about becoming successful Agile coaches and are looking to invest in their professional development.

Is this for Me?

If any of the below points resonate with you, then now is the time to join our winning team and explore your top-most potential.

  • You are a leader (Scrum Master, Product Manager, RTE, Team Lead, Product Owner, etc.,) with significant responsibilities looking to transition into Agile coaching and need help pivoting into the coaching space successfully.
  • You are leading transformation and change inside your organization and need help creating a lasting impact.
  • The challenges you encounter are different than they used to be. They are more ambiguous and less clear.
  • You feel like you are not adding value to your team/organization or coming across as idle.


  1. The program covers the following:
  2. Agile Coaching Overview
  3. Creating a Coaching Contract
  4. Essential coaching competencies for Agile coaches, including active listening, powerful questioning, and creating awareness.
  5. Business Agility essentials.
  6. Pitching Agile to stakeholders.
  7. Helping teams identify which Agile framework is right for them.
  8. Techniques for facilitating meetings and workshops.
  9. Strategies for coaching teams and individuals to foster a culture of continuous improvement.
  10. Approaches for navigating complex organizational structures, addressing resistance to change, and influencing stakeholders.
  11. Tools and techniques for measuring the impact of Agile coaching interventions and demonstrating value to the organization.
  12. Agile Maturity Model and health checks.
  13. Coaching for strategic leadership, including coaching senior executives and shaping organizational culture.
  14. Coaching for team leadership, including creating high-performing teams, developing team members, and managing conflicts.
  15. Coaching for personal leadership, including self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and mindfulness.
  16. Sample Agile Coaching Interview questions and answers.


  • The Agile Coaches Mentoring and Coaching program offers numerous benefits to participants, including:
  • Improved job prospects and the potential for increased salary by 30% as a successful Agile coach.
  • The opportunity to build coaching skills and competencies that are highly valued in the industry.
  • Mentees will become an example of how to thrive in complexity which increases the ability to grow this same capacity in their organization.
  • Personalized coaching and feedback from Karen Fomafung to help participants develop their coaching skills and overcome challenges.
  • Mentee enjoys a greater impact and gets more of what they want for themselves and their organization.
  • Real-world experience with hands-on practice scenarios.
  • Access to a community of Agile coaching professionals for ongoing support.
  • Mentees will increase their inner and outer potential to genuinely work with complexity.
  • A certification from BeingAgile Consulting upon completion of the program, which can help participants stand out at a job interview and demonstrate their coaching competencies to employers.


The program is open to anyone interested in becoming an Agile coach, including Agile practitioners, Scrum Masters, project managers, and team leads. Highly experienced leaders who are looking to build their coaching competencies. No prior coaching experience is required, but some knowledge of Agile ways of working is recommended.

 Program Format:

  • Participants can access the program content and coaching sessions at their own pace and on their own schedule, allowing for maximum flexibility.
  • We also have group coaching sessions online, twice a week.

Duration & Schedule:

  • Cost - $4,000 (Currently $3,000 until Feb 28th)
  • Duration - 8 weeks
  • Live Sessions - Mondays & Wednesdays
  • Time - 5 PM to 6 pm Central Standard Time

We are a team of agile leaders who are committed to training, mentoring and coaching organizations teams and individuals through the successful adoption of the agile ways of working/living

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